[Karya Siswa] Online Friendship

by: Ariq Hammam

“Good night,” a boy waved at his screen. Behind it was a boy his age from halfway across the world, known to him only as “LiOH.”

To “LiOH,” he was identified by his gamer tag – “Khorside” and his profile picture of a pink Bugatti. His game avatar of a Soviet cyborg with pipes for veins, steel for bones and vodka for blood is also recognizable for them. But to his closer friends, he was always Vasyl. A brown-haired, tall boy with a pale complexion and a soft, raspy voice.

Though he seemed tranquil on the bed, in his mind there was a tempest. One spurred by the recent heartbreak of his. Way too many times, his memories with that girl flashed in a moment, always building up to the dreadful end; the implosion of feelings; the dusk of the sun of romance. And with that, he shouted into the void. However, much to his relief, tomorrow was a Saturday. He doesn’t have to be reminded of this failed endeavor time and time again.

As the dawn-light peered over his apartment’s window, he woke up. As always, like in each weekend, he worked out then turned on his PC by 6 AM. First he would go to chat with LiOH, whilst it was evening where he lived. It had become a routine for both of them, to text at that exact time. Today, LiOH wrote first.

“Yo Khors, how’s life?”

Ah, everything’s going to hell right now. About the girl I talked to you about, forget it. Seems like it amounted to nothing after all. Like, how she complimented me isn’t a prelude apparently, just a burning memory. What should I do next?”

You know man, I think you should lift,

“Exactly what I thought and did. She’d be head over heels for me by a few months.”

“No, that’s not what I meant…” LiOH then posted several facepalm emojis. “What I mean is, get over her then improve yourself. That’s all.”

It has been four months since that. Now, he was indifferent of her; not holding any grudges or remnants of his love. Things never really changed for him in school, not his grades, not his friends, nothing. He endured the pain of heartbreak in silence and solitude, at least from the outside. He lifted more and more, regardless of her admiration. However, this time, the only friend who has helped called.

“Hey Khors, wanna log into the server?”

He then opened Minecraft and scrolled to the very bottom of the server list. “Armorcraft,” that’s what he was searching for. Immediately after spawning, LiOH told him to go to the stables. They were to prepare for a grand fight, and they had no time to waste in their journey. They opened the fences and started to ride.­

Horses galloped, trodding the tree-shaded paths. Their destination: the stronghold, located deep underground. However, their noble steeds stopped by a glade to resupply, next to a pink megalith and surrounded by quaint little treehouses. As they prepared to continue their journey, Khorside’s horse stumbled over a sign. It said:

To my beloved, let’s work on the iron farm together tomorrow <3.

He remembered to whom these buildings belonged. Yet as the horses rushed southwards, he didn’t look back, his eyes were focused on the long path ahead. The dragon has been revived, and it must be slain once more. As the stronghold was in sight, Vasyl’s mind harkened back to the time of rejection and recovery.

“Thanks, mate. You’ve freed me from this dark place.”

“No problem. Let’s prepare to build the nether hub… I trust your building skills here.”

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