[Karya Siswa] A Large Sum of Money by Ariq Hammam

A letter in the mail, from Sir Ralph.

Seraphina was hesitant to open it, as she still mourning his death, on a dreadful Tuesday night a few days back. The cause of death: sudden heart attack. Since that, only grief and bureaucratic nightmare faced her. Withholding tears that were ready to break a dam, she held it off as this could be necessary for her family.

To my dear niece Seraphina,

I know that these years haven’t been the best for us. But, I recognize that I do not have much time left on this earth. To continue our family legacy, I have decided on splitting my holdings among my relatives. Thus, as part of this deal, you will receive the Vinland Estate in Maine and $10 million.

It was beyond her words, and way beyond her experience. Adversity after adversity, treason after treason beset her life since turning 14. Winds ran fast from her lungs to the cramped room and back. However, she abstained on doing anything with said information, at least until the last man she trusts came home at 8 PM.

“V-Vasyl, look at this!” she pointed out the letter.

He weakly held her hand then took it, with fatigue and disinterest. However, as the last words turned up, his quiet frown turned into an ecstatic shout. His voice, often small, now was enough to blare throughout all of Belfast.


“Hm…?” she inquired as she had never seen him that happy.

“Isn’t it clear? We’ll go make the estate ours, and that money? Well, we’ll multiply it.”

“Now hold on love, isn’t $10 million way more than enough?! With this we are set for life!” she shouted at shock.

However, Vasyl disagreed with her. “Way less.”

She just shrugged it off as her boyfriend’s eccentricity and threw herself on the bed. Their perspectives and worldview differ significantly; that fact they knew and accepted. As she closed her eyes, Vasyl tumbled onto her and tightly embraced her beneath the moonlight peering through the barred, rusty windows.

Four days have passed since the letter was sent. Together, they had hatched a plan on the estate and the money. Though it was in an unprofessional, even crude format on crumbled paper with hardly legible handwriting, it was still a plan.

I. The estate shall be a palace for our family and a headquarter for our business.
II. From that money, 90% will be invested and 9% will be saved.
III. By the next day, we will move from this apartment to the Vinland.

Just one sunrise later, Vasyl drove away from the city to the airport. With two first-class tickets to Boston and their apartment emptied, they have set on a path of no return. They will either get their dream.. or die trying. Though nine hours passed on the plane, it was still morning in the US.

By zenith, they stepped into the wide, verdant fields surrounding the Vinland. The summer sun seared through them, but this fresh scent of wealth was all around. When they were about to kiss next to the fountain however, the ground rattled with a gunshot. Seraphina cowered behind Vasyl, whilst he defiantly raised his fist.

“That was a warning shot. Get a room and get away!” a well-dressed man yelled.

“If so, then not anymore. This is our birthright!” Vasyl yelled back, rushing into the estate itself.

It was from the third floor, he assumed. Thus, he climbed the stairs and raided every room on that floor whilst brandishing a dagger.

From behind, another gunshot was heard.

“Huh. Seems like that didn’t work. But, we won’t allow you – or any of your kinsmen, of the bloodline of filth even smell the flowers here. And you are included. So, heed our second warning and get away!

“You wish,” he threw a table.

Ours is the field and ours is the harvest.” Vasyl carved on the mud.

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